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    If you've been to one of our shows, be sure to send us images or video you might have taken, we'd love to see them. Maybe we'll feature them on our website or social media!

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  • Murder at the High School Reunion

    Murder at the High School Reunion

    Oh what a night! Late December back in ... erm ... okay, let's not go there. It was a while ago and right now, you're back at your old high school, meeting old friends, when it becomes very apparent that the six members of the reunion organizing committee aren't clicking. No wonder! When did prom queens, nerds, jocks, party girls, ugly ducklings and high school principals ever get along?

    Suddenly, without warming, one of the committee members drops dead. Aaargh!

    Was it murder? If so, whodunnit?

  • Meet the Gang

    Meet the Gang

    What do you think? These Reunion's just organize themselves?

    Lots of planning and time and effort and bitching and gloating go into making Reunion's happen and this one is no exception so why not catch up with your high school chums on the Reunion Organizing Committee?

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  • Meet the Cast

    Meet the Cast

    Our cast has been hand picked to ensure that your evening is the most fun you can have with your clothes on... and maybe without your clothes on.

    Our cast has a wealth of experience both in terms of writing and performing on the comedy circuit, TV and stage. You may have seen one or two of them popping up in some popular commercials too.

    Click to find out more about the rowdy rabble.

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  • Murder at the High School Reunion
  • Meet the Gang
  • Meet the Cast
Public Shows


On January 16, 2016 we treated a full house (almost 200 people) at the Holiday Inn, Oakville Centre to the world's first glimpse of Murder at the High School Reunion and they loved it! See the comments below or click the link to see pictures.

What to Expect

Expectations are Running High

Expect fun, expect dinner, expect interaction with the potential murderers, expect dancing, expect a cash bar, expect more dancing, expect to want to come back again with different friends and/or lovers.

Do not expect the Spanish Inquisition... nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

Purchase Tickets

Purchase Tickets

Tickets to our public shows can be purchased online, just click below.

If you are interested in a private booking, check out our Corporate Packages here.

What Our Former Students Are Saying...

  • "Loved It!"

    Barb C.
  • "Great Stuff. Great Characters."

    Jeff J.
  • "Best Show EVER!"

    Erin C.
  • "What a fabulous night!"

    Lisa A.
  • "Hilarious!"

    Patrick K.
  • "Awesome Fun!"

    Simon H.
  • "Great actors. Great comedians."

    John F.
  • "Wonderfully entertaining!"

    Cathy H.
  • "Tons of fun."

    Maureen C.
  • "Great concept."

    Keira W.
  • "Very amusing."

    James H.
  • "Mystery + Dinner + Theatre. Love the concept!"

    Wendy J.